Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Getting on the Road to 2014

Well, I suppose it's time. It's 2014 and the start of a new year, so I figured that there's no better time like now to start telling people my little secret. While my blog, profile pages, and everything else may not be as "ready" as I'd like, it's time to stop putting this off if I ever want my blog to go somewhere or make a difference.

I'm really not sure where to take things, though. So far, most of my blog has been my thoughts and reflections that have resulted from my experiences. However, there are a lot of experiences themselves that I haven't really shared (like the time my parents came to visit and kept asking to see my apartment - that was awkward). What about sharing tips and tricks for the average person to help them save money in their lives? There are TONS of blogs about that already, though.

So, what say you, dear readers (if I have any)? What should I post about? What would you like to hear? I've never blogged before, and I'm fairly behind on this social media stuff. I'd love to hear your feedback, and I'm excited to share my life and experiences with you.

With all that said, Happy New Year, everyone, and I hope to be posting again very soon!


  1. Thanks for inviting us into your story. I just read the whole thing and was encouraged by your bold living. I always knew you were a bold man and love how this extreme lifestyle fits you. My Husband and I have many of the same values and are currently trying to purchase a house. For the past year of getting into contracts on houses, I have been amazed by how many rules have been made that can keep the debt free from getting a mortgage. But that is me rambling. I love hearing about your unique challenges and how you made it through them. I really want to know how not having an address has challenged you. Keep up the writing and I'll keep up the reading.

  2. You had mentioned in one of your early posts that you had made a lot of modifications to your car and would post more about that later. I'd be really interested to know what all you actually had to do, maybe with some pictures included.

    Another thing that I'd love to see you write about is what you do with your free time. I know for me, I tend to spend a good portion of my down-time alone, just watching TV or doing something around the house. If I didn't have a house (or apartment), I feel like I'd have so much empty time on my hands and nothing to do. That would be fine for a little while, but after such an extended period like what you're doing, I would probably go insane - too much time alone with my thoughts. So if it's not too personal for the interwebs, maybe talk a little about how such a dramatic change of lifestyle has affected/changed you emotionally?