Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Broke the #1 Rule

I talked about Fight Flub.

I told a coworker. Then, she slipped up and told my boss by accident (long story), and now he's seen my blog. He's a nice guy, so he decided he wasn't going to even bring it up unless I did. Then another coworker guessed it, and since he's a good friend of mine, I told him. The first lady told a few other people, so I have no doubt that they've been here, too. Overall, I'm not TOO concerned, for the moment, but in an effort to remain anonymous and keep things quiet, I hope to limit how quickly this spreads - I don't exactly want my senior director finding out . . .

Anyway, in light of the fact that the cat has gotten out of the bag a little bit, I thought I'd post something she recently sent to me - it's fairly funny, actually:

Your lifestyle does these things: 
  • Keeps you from being able to bring strange women home
  • Keeps women from finding out how strange you are (just a bonus)
  • Keeps you from saying yes to taking peoples pets in while they vacation
  • Keeps house plants to a minimum
  • Makes hoarding impossible
  • Keeps you from spending extravagantly on window treatments
  • Keeps your sewage and water bills at zero
  • And finally: it means that home is truly everywhere you are (if you car is running correctly)
There are some interesting takeaways here that really are true. First, I'm lucky to have a great girlfriend who was with me before all of this started, and it's not likely that I'd be able to start a relationship while living out of my car. She's been helpful and supportive along the way, not to mention the fact that I've had a backup bed to sleep in if I REALLY need it.

Also, being homeless really does simplify things and make me think about what is truly necessary or important. Do I really need to keep that craft beer bottle for my collection? I know that I'll eventually have a place, but is it worth buying new TV at the Black Friday sale just because it's a great deal? I turn down a lot of things because I'm forced to, but it's truly forced me to realize just how little I need to get by in life. In reality, I'm doing far better than just "getting by," a fact that reminds me just how truly blessed I am to live where I live and have what I have.